Daniel J. Farris Leads NUMBNUMB is a group of friends who work through sun and rain heavy dew to produce an unparalleled performance. Complementing NUMB’s talented group of directors are students who play a major part on the organization of NUMB, acting as marching instructors, music section leaders, music arrangers and drill writers. Bonds are formed that last a lifetime.

The organization insures that marching band activities do not interfere with academic responsibilities. Members of the “Smartest Band in the Land” take heir studying very seriously. Rehearsals are planned at a time that will not conflict with class studies or prime study time.

Although Northwestern provides students with many niches, there are few other organizations that offer the unique experiences of NUMB — the “Pride and Guts,” the music and the feeling that you have come home every time the Alma Mater swells around you!

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Greetings from the Northwestern University Bands!

Northwestern is a world-​class university that will offer you many great opportunities in and out of your major. One experience which encompasses all corners of campus is the Northwestern University “Wildcat” Marching Band. This organization provides a wonderful opportunity for you to “get away” from the daily grind and meet students from all parts of campus, many of whom will become your closest friends. Flexible scheduling ensures that band activities do not interfere with academic responsibilities and allows you plenty of time to enjoy other college experiences. Big Ten football, a great musical experience, lifelong friends, an opportunity to contribute to and become an important part of Northwestern, and an instant sense of belonging are just some of the things you’ll enjoy when being as a member of NUMB. Join us for the experience of a lifetime!

Daniel J. Farris
Director of Athletic Bands
Northwestern University

The Buzz

Wildcat Band Ready to Go Outback

DECEMBER 29, 2015IN THE SKIES OVER NASHVILLE, TENN. — “Welcome aboard for non-​stop service to the Outback Bowl!” The United Airlines flight attendant’s announcement received cheers from the Northwestern University “Wildcat” Marching Band, cheerleaders, and guests as the plane prepared for take off to Tampa Bay, Fla.

Severe weather yesterday cancelled or delayed thousands of flights, but the Wildcat Band’s rehearsal went on as scheduled last night.

We’re communicating with everyone,” says Director of Athletic Bands Daniel J. Farris. “We’ll meet some people in Tampa. We want everyone to arrive safely.”

Even with a bit of “heavy dew” induced tardiness, the musicians warmed up their instruments and ran throug their newest piece: The University of Tennessee fight song, “Down the Field.”