The Northwestern Marching Band performs during Evanston’s Kits, Cats and Kids Block Party. (Photo by Gina Grillo / Pioneer Press.)

In a blur of marching bands and school colors, Evanston community members gathered Sept. 12 in Fountain Square for Kits, Cats, and Kids, a pep rally-style block party celebrating city and school spirit, reports Gina Grillo from the Pioneer Press, whose story was picked up by the Chicago Tribune.

The story, which includes photographs of both the Northwestern University "Wildcat" Marching Band and their friends in the Evanston High School "Wildkit" Marching Band, highlights the strong connections between the university and the community it calls home.

"This is a great visualization of the expression, 'it takes a village,' and the phenomenal energy of this gathering feels suburban and urban simultaneously, and all to support the education of our kids, from birth to college and beyond," Eric Ehrhardt, interim superintendent of District 65, says in the story.

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