No Pressure November 2, 2012 — EVANSTON, ILL. — "It’s really been unreal. I’ve gotten to do so many different things with the marching band," Drum Major Michael San Gabino (Mu14) tells the Park Ridge Herald-Advocate, a newspaper in suburban Chicagoland.

"San Gabino, one of two drum majors leading Northwestern University’s 'Wildcat' Marching Band this football season, got his start as a drum major with the Maine South High School Marching Band and as a performer across the school’s Fine Arts program, including orchestra, symphony band and choir.," writes Herald-Advocate reporter Jennifer Johnson in the article appearing today.

Drum Major Michael San Gabino Serving in his third year as drum major of the Wildcat Band, San Gabino studies saxophone performance in the Bienen School of Music. He is one of a just a handfull of music majors in the band, which includes student musicians from all of Northwestern's undergraduate schools representing nearly every concievable major.

In the article, San Gabino describes his role as "an awesome experience."

The Herald-Advocate also interviewed Joel Matter, who was San Gabinos band director at Maine South High School in the Chicago suburbs.

"As a music student he was top-notch," Matter told the Herald-Advocate. "He was someone who was always prepared and did the right thing."

San Gabino complimented his high school mentor, saying, "I think he really tried to expose us to different types of music, not just in the marching band, but in a concert setting."

The Back Bend The Herald-Advocate also noted the Wildcat Band's "diverse half-time shows," which this season have included music from hit movies and broadway showtunes. The band also performs works from the classical repertoire.

Johnson noted one other special feature of the band's shows: "As drum major San Gabino is also a performance artist, his on-field back bend routine [is] a Big 10 tradition."

Read the entire story from Park Ridge Herald-Advocate at The feature follows other recent media exposure for the Wildcat Band in School Band and Orchestra Magazine, Halftime Magazine, and Florida Today.

—Daniel M. Reck (GSESP08)

Photos by Daniel M. Reck (GSESP08)



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