Will I have time for NUMB in my academic schedule?

Yes! This seems to be the most common concern among NU students.

Perhaps a better question is, "Do I really want to end my association with band after so many years of dedication and training?"  NUMB has members in each of NU's six schools. They welcome the change of pace and the occasion to interact with students from the entire campus.  They also find that the experience in NUMB can lead to leadership roles and many other experiences which help prepare them for their careers.

The opportunity to participate in a highly respected University organization of national repute which offers social activity, musical enjoyments, and many personal rewards is yours and available uniquely to members of NUMB.


When does NUMB rehearse?

The "Wildcat" Marching Band rehearses from 4:00- 6:00 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at Long Field and from 7:00-9:00 p.m. on Thursdays in the indoor football facility.  We also have a rehearsal/warmup on the morning of game days.


When are the performances?

NUMB performs for all home football games when school is in session, as well as at the Homecoming Concert, Pep Rally, and Parade.  In addition, we also take a trip to an away Big Ten game each year and perform our indoor concert, Kids' Fare.  The band also performs at other University events such as Wildcat Welcome.


Do I have to audition?

All Northwestern students with previous band experience are eligible to join NUMB.  There are auditions for the drumline, drum majors, and leadership positions.  Some sections have part assignment auditions which occur during band camp.


Is there a band camp?

Yes, camp occurs the week before New Student Week.  This is our chance to come together as a band, learning the basic fundamentals of marching and music, as well as the history and traditions of one of the oldest marching bands in the country.  Most importantly, before you even move into your residence hall, you will be familiar with over 150 other faces.


Can I be in both NUMB and other ensembles?

Many students participate in marching band and another ensemble such as a concert or jazz group. Rehearsals usually do not conflict.


Do I earn credit for NUMB participation?

Yes, NUMB is a 0.5 credit course.


Will I be able to borrow an instrument?

Yes. Sousaphones, mellophones, percussion and other larger instruments will be provided. Smaller instruments are available upon request.


What are my expenses?

All uniforms, trips, camps and meals are provided by the band. Band members must buy spats, gloves, baseball cap, and a NUMB T-shirt to wear under their uniform.  These items are purchased from the band at a nominal cost, usually around $30.  Each member must provide his or her own black marching shoes.


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