This article was originally published in the spring 2015 edition of the Growl. Read the full issue here.

The start of every band camp, I remember feeling a wealth of nostalgia for having lost the previous graduating class. At the first sectional on the lakefill, while playing for the first time since the Spring Game—er, dutifully warming up even though we didn't need to because we all practiced all summer—we lamented the loss of our favorite seniors as we realized that now, "senior" had a whole new meaning.

Since graduating, every subsequent Homecoming at the Friday night parade I feel a rush of an inverse feeling: limitless glee that a new class joins the alumni ranks and I find myself in the midst of more and more of my favorite people. At no other point in time could I "be in band" with the seniors of my freshman year and the freshmen of my senior year. And while I pay myself on the back for how cool that last sentence turned out, my anticipation grows for Homecoming 2015 where that sentence will manifest itself in reality.

Homecoming 2014 was monumental. The class of 2014 dominated the ranks and we had our best parade instrumentation in years! Though we encountered some last minute chaos in the percussion section (for when do we not?), it was exciting to achieve the required instrumentation well before the registration deadline. Rather than send out pleas for trumpets and sousas to play in the parade, I had the fortune of basking in the building excitement for Homecoming weekend. I looked forward to a bar night of reminiscing and catching up with out-of-towners, a bacon-laden pre-game tailgate in the West Lot thank to Daryl Liquin, and a Gothic-themed football game sitting on a side of the stadium I had never previously experienced. Year to year, what I look forward to most is sharing these moments and memories with friends, old and new.

As I welcome to the NUMBALUMS a class who in my eyes will always be freshmen, I hope you'll join me in the festivities of Homecoming 2015 to fill out the ranks of those generations and show the class of 2015 what being a NUMBALUM is all about.

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