Framed NUMB Jacket Framed NUMB Cape

Get your framed NUMB uniform jacket or cape TODAY, while this special offer lasts! Click here to visit the NUMBALUMS Shop and place your order by September 12!

After more than a year of work—which included choosing a vendor, working through the legal and logistical red tape, and launching the first-ever online NUMBALUMS Shop—the NUMBALUMS are proud to offer our members the chance to purchase a true piece of NUMB history!

The club has contracted with a company of artisans to preserve and magnify the joy and thrill of the NUMB 1995 Rose Bowl uniforms (worn through the 2012 season). These custom-framed works of art celebrate the history of the Band, the pride of the Band members who wore them, and the Band program that developed and inspired those musicians, the crowd, and the team.



We must get at least ten orders to begin production of these limited-edition pieces. Each frame takes hours of hand-crafted work, which involves cutting the custom background, frame, and glass; stitching the items onto the background; and assembling and polishing each piece. The process takes time, and therefore the club has set a deadline of September 12 to ensure delivery around Homecoming.

The special promotional price of $600 per jacket and $450 per cape includes certified shipping (valued at over $100) and the possibility of pick-up/delivery around Homecoming—but you must order by September 12! This special bulk pricing saves more than $200 off the workmanship of each piece.

We have limited items to work with, so order your collector's edition NUMB uniform jacket or cape today!

If you have any questions, please contact us. P&G!

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