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It’s the most wonderful time of the year: FOOTBALL SEASON! And that means it’s almost time for Homecoming 2014!


At this year’s Homecoming (October 17–19, 2014), we celebrate the history of the NUMB uniform, the classes of ‘9 and ‘4, and—most of all—those formative years in NUMB when we marched through the hot sun, heavy dew, and double correct rights toward Wildcat victory!


Registration is now online at The regular registration deadline is October 3; late registration is due by October 10. The member cost to march at Homecoming (Friday parade, Saturday pregame, and/or Saturday halftime) is just $5. Non-members pay $25, and your registration includes a yearlong membership with the NUMBALUMS.

Polish those instruments, plaster those annual buttons on a jacket, and practice those chair steps! Let’s hope the weather is a little more cooperative this year...


Homecoming FAQ

Who needs to register?

Please register for Homecoming 2014 if you plan to participate in any of the following:


  • Eat dinner and march with NUMBALUMS in the Friday parade
  • Tour the NU Archives "NUMB Uniforms Through the Years" exhibit
  • Eat dinner with NUMB on Saturday
  • Play with NUMBALUMS and NUMB at Wildcat Alley on Saturday 
  • March with NUMBALUMS and NUMB during pregame and halftime on Saturday 
  • Sit in the stands and play with NUMBALUMS and NUMB during the game on Saturday

What's the deadline?

The standard registration deadline is Friday, October 3. Late registrations will be accepted for a $20 fee until Friday, October 10. 

What does it cost?

Homecoming registration is $5 and includes: Dinner Friday Night before the parade, admission to the game if you march with the NUMBALUMS and/or play in the stands, and a NUMBALUMS button.

All NUMBALUMS must bring or purchase a black cap to wear while marching and in the stands. You can use a cap from a previous year, buy one in the brand-spankin'-new NUMBALUMS Shop, or buy one with your registration. The hats will also be sold on a first-come, first-served basis before rehearsal on Friday and Saturday of Homecoming ($15, cash or check only). Flip folders are not currently sold through the NUMBALUMS Shop but will be available in limited quantities on Friday and Saturday of Homecoming ($12 for flute, $5 for all other instruments, cash or check only).

Do I have to be an active member?

If you participated in NUMB or NUBB for one full season or participated in a Northwestern Band for three full quarters, you already are a NUMBALUM, of course!

However, only active (that is, dues-paying) members can attend events, including Homecoming. If you haven't attended a NUMBALUMS event or paid dues in the past 12 months, and you're not already on a multi-year membership plan, please use this opportunity to renew your membership. When you register, choose the "Non-member" option and your $20 dues will be added to your order.

Can I bring guests? Where do they sit?

Please do! Share the Wildcat spirit with all! You only need to register guests if they are attending the Friday dinner before the parade, the NU Archives exhibit on Saturday morning, or the Saturday dinner with NUMB. All guests must purchase their own game ticket.

Family, friends, and non-marching alums are invited to sit together in the NUMBALUMS “booster block” at the Homecoming Game. Tickets are $65 each; click here for ordering information [PDF].

(Note: If you plan to march or play in the stands, you do not need to purchase a game ticket.) 

I have more questions! HALP!

For the full schedule and more information, visit

Register for Homecoming Now


Photo by Tom McGrath '03

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