It's here folks. We are counting hours now, not days. My heartbeat is elevated. My hands are a bit jittery. Yes I had some drinks last night, but that's not why.

The summer is great. Beach sun friends parties weekends etc. I love it. But lots of people bemoan the end of summer like it's the end of the era.

Conversely, I'm excited about the end of summer. In fact, I've been counting down the days to it. Not because summer sucks; it doesn't, in fact it's great. Because the end of summer coincides with the beginning of fall.

And fall is, quite simply put... Football Season.



Do you feel the slight chill in the air as the temp drops from 85 to 72? Do the feel the humidity fall away? Do you feel the crispness, the cleanness, that signals the winds have shifted? That, my friends, is but another indicator that fall is here.

More indicators? The butterflies are dancing in my stomach. My heartbeat will be elevated throughout the day. I slept soundly but briefly. Work will be pocked with distractions. I've worn purple for roughly 10 days running and I don't intend to stop in the near future.

So, yes, friends, this is the end of an era. And the beginning of a new one. A Northwestern Era. This fall of 2014. The Road To Pasadena begins tomorrow. Get Ready.

HFGC Happy Friday Go Cats

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