The NUMBALUMS have embarked on a mission to create and fund an endowment to keep NUMB thriving for generations to come! To donate, visit Learn more about the endowment in the Q&A below.

What is an endowment?

An endowment is a financial instrument, like a 401K. The big difference is that you only use the interest off your principal. By not touching our underlying principal balance, the NUMBALUMS can maintain a well-invested endowment for perpetuity.

Why are we creating an endowment for NUMB?

Flatly, because maintaining a top-tier marching band is expensive. The endowment will provide stable funding to advance recruitment, instrument replacements, stipends, and much more. These expenses add up, and paying for them out of donations is difficult and, frankly, not sustainable over the long term. An endowment is a reliable, consistent funding source that will only grow.