Framed NUMB Jacket Framed NUMB Cape

Get your framed NUMB uniform jacket or cape TODAY, while this special offer lasts! Click here to visit the NUMBALUMS Shop and place your order by September 12!

After more than a year of work—which included choosing a vendor, working through the legal and logistical red tape, and launching the first-ever online NUMBALUMS Shop—the NUMBALUMS are proud to offer our members the chance to purchase a true piece of NUMB history!

The club has contracted with a company of artisans to preserve and magnify the joy and thrill of the NUMB 1995 Rose Bowl uniforms (worn through the 2012 season). These custom-framed works of art celebrate the history of the Band, the pride of the Band members who wore them, and the Band program that developed and inspired those musicians, the crowd, and the team.


It's here folks. We are counting hours now, not days. My heartbeat is elevated. My hands are a bit jittery. Yes I had some drinks last night, but that's not why.

The summer is great. Beach sun friends parties weekends etc. I love it. But lots of people bemoan the end of summer like it's the end of the era.

Conversely, I'm excited about the end of summer. In fact, I've been counting down the days to it. Not because summer sucks; it doesn't, in fact it's great. Because the end of summer coincides with the beginning of fall.

And fall is, quite simply put... Football Season.


Now and Then

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: FOOTBALL SEASON! And that means it’s almost time for Homecoming 2014!


At this year’s Homecoming (October 17–19, 2014), we celebrate the history of the NUMB uniform, the classes of ‘9 and ‘4, and—most of all—those formative years in NUMB when we marched through the hot sun, heavy dew, and double correct rights toward Wildcat victory!


Registration is now online at The regular registration deadline is October 3; late registration is due by October 10. The member cost to march at Homecoming (Friday parade, Saturday pregame, and/or Saturday halftime) is just $5. Non-members pay $25, and your registration includes a yearlong membership with the NUMBALUMS.

For information on purchasing a ticket in the NUMBALUMS Booster Block, click here [PDF].

So, you're friends with and/or related to a NUMBALUM. And you're coming to Homecoming. You must really like crowds, marching bands, and yelling until you're hoarse—not during the game, but during the halftime show. The NU Marching & Band Alumni appreciate your support! We also want to ensure you're prepared for Homecoming weekend.

Here's your patented "Friends and Family Homecoming Survival Kit," assembled for those good-natured souls who will be attending Homecoming with a loved NUMBALUM.

It is confirmed: The NUMBALUMS will be tailgating in the West Lot this season!

Join us four hours before kickoff at the far west side of the Ryan Field West Lot, next to the trees, usually near the "extended" fifty yard line. Our NUMBALUMS flag will be flying proudly!

We'll provide the Wildcat hot dogs and burgers as well as basic utensils, plates, and so forth; we request attendees please bring a dish and/or beverage to share.