Hauling yourself to Evanston for Homecoming was never an easy task—but in 2020, attending Homestaying couldn't be simpler. Stay in your chair; we'll come to you. Registration is now open!

For just $5 (the cost of shipping!) you will receive:

  • A Homestaying 2020 button (first 250 registrants only!)
  • A NUMBALUMS facemask (first 250 registrants—limited supply of extras available for $11 apiece)
  • Log-in info for our virtual tailgate on Oct. 24 before the Northwestern-Maryland "season" opener
  • A chance to join a very special NUMBALUMS Trivia Night (time and date to be announced—stay tuned!)
  • 100% authentic Spirit Sheets from actual Spirit Team Alumni™—and other diverting nonsense

Also, we're granting all NUMBALUMS a free year of membership. Never joined the club before? We don't care; you're aboard this train for a year. Paid-up member? Nice; you will get an extra year tacked on. Together, let's pretend 2020 didn't happen!

Register now — and quickly! "You should be there!"

Register For Homestaying 2020

How to get the most out of Homestaying

Want to get ready for the Big Day? You don't need a horn; you don't need a flag; you don't even need an icepack after all those rearbacks! Just follow these steps:

  1. Peruse the NUMBALUMS Shop for any gear that's missing from your all-purple repetoire.
  2. If you wish you could just do more for the current band, give generously to the Push On Fund, the endowment that one day soon will generate stipends for all marchers—growing and sustaining the band!
  3. Let some familiar music put you in a Homestaying mood—whether it is a socially distant fight song or the heavenly tones of Dr. T and her grad students!
  4. Still want more NUMBALUMS? Join our annual meeting, 10 a.m. Oct. 25. Log-in details to follow. Come see how the spirit sausage is made!

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