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Privacy Policy for NUMBALUMS Shop

Last updated August 25, 2014.

The NUMBALUMS Shop, on behalf of the NUMBALUMS organization believes in protecting your privacy (NUMB personals not included, as they don’t give out personally identifiable information). By visiting or using the NUMBALUMS Shop you acknowledge and consent to the terms of this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Services. If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy or practices, please contact the NUMBALUMS.

As you use the NUMBALUMS Shop, we want to make sure you know how you information is used and shared, as well as ways you can protect your privacy. This Privacy Policy explains:

  • Types of information we collect and how collected
  • How we use and share the information
  • Choices you have on how your information is used
  • How we protect your information

Our Privacy Policy may change from time to time. We will post any changes on the Site. If changes are significant, we’ll make a more prominent notice, posting before it take effect. Each time you check out the Shop, the current version of the Privacy Policy applies.

1. Information We Collect and How We Collect It

a. Information Collected

The NUMBALUMS Shop collects personally identifiable information, including contact information needed to process your order and any other requests you make of the site. This information includes: Name, Address, Email, Telephone & Order Information. We do not collect financial information, other than the total amount charged and confirmation it has been paid. PayPal processes all financial information and maintains the privacy requirements for your financial information.

b. How We Collect Your Information

We ask you to complete your contact information for each order. We haven’t created an account system for the NUMBALUMS Shop, therefore we only keep your information for each particular order. We do not collect any analytics, web beacons, cookies, social media information or targeted advertising information.

2. How We Use and Share Your Information

a. Use of Information

We simply use your information to validate payment and fulfill your order. We will also use to update the NUMBALUMS Membership database housed under the Northwestern Alumni Association (NAA) if information provided.

b. Sharing of Information

i. PayPal

As stated above, we send contact information and total amount due to PayPal for them to process your payment. PayPal maintains the privacy of your financial information. Once you complete the payment, PayPal sends us a confirmation of payment, which simply includes your contact information and payment amount.

ii. Shipping

We obviously need to share your shipping information with whichever shipper used for your order, otherwise you can’t receive your stuff. If you ask for delivery at Homecoming, we don’t need to share your information, but do collect it in case your can’t pick up the order.

iii. NUMBALUMS and the Northwestern Alumni Association

Unless you tell us otherwise, we can use the information you provide to update your NUMBALUMS records in the Northwestern Alumni Association (NAA) database. This includes membership payments and other requests.

3. Your Choices on Use of Information

a. Requests Not To Share

Please feel free in the comments section of your order to make any requests on limiting the sharing of you information, especially with the greater NUMBALUMS organization or the NAA. We do need to share with PayPal and Shipper to complete you order.

b. Membership Options

If you pay for membership with your order, we will need to share the information with NUMBALUMS and NAA, but you do have options on whether we share with HalfTime Magazine, as you can decide not to receive the free subscription.

4. How We Protect Your Information

The NUMBALUMS Shop uses standard website protections for our transactions. No credit card information is collected or stored by the NUMBALUMS; all payment transactions are handled by PayPal and are subject to their own policies.

5. Questions and Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy or practices, please contact us.

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